Mitsubishi RVR Parts Auckland

The Mitsubishi RVR is marketed as a sporty recreational crossover SUV. It’s a convenient 5 person cabin that was targeted for the youth. It had an easy to access passenger side door for ease of entering and exiting. It did not have a sliding passenger door due to the perception that it was for sports and recreation rather than for families. It did really well and was very popular with a more active group of consumers. There are 3 generations of the RVR and it’s current model for this year has been getting really good marks.


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We have a range of models for all the years of your Mitsubishi RVR.

Parts we carry

Liner floor mats
Door hardware
Window motors
Side mirrors
Spark plugs
Oil filters
Brake pads
brake caliper
shocks struts rear / front
traction control
brake rotor
catalytic converters
wiper blades
And more

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